About OOO “Neftehimproduct”

OOO “Neftehimproduct” was founded in the year 22.08.2005, Date of commissioning of the Refinery plant in operation 01.12.2009, installed capacity of more than 6.6 million tons per year. In Nov. 3. 2013, The plant produces high-quality, competitive products: gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, mazut.

In 2013 OOO “Neftehimproduct” has processed 5 million 863 thousand tons of crude oil

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Production of gasoline amounted to 838,2 thousand tons. Issued more than 1 million 736 thousand tons of diesel fuel, 836 thousand tons of Mazut, 320,5 thousand tons of Jet fuel RT and Aviation Kerosene Grade "54" amounted to 938,8 thousand tons.

OOO “Neftehimproduct”, Compirses of group of Companies under the Name “Neftehimproduct”, each unit of “Neftehimproduct” Group of Companies engages in wide rage of Activities and services in the Teritory of Russia Federation and far abroad. The main partner of OOO “Neftehimproduct” to supply oil and oil products is LLC “RN-NAKHODKANEFTEPRODUKT”. The company sells a wide range of products of OOO “Neftehimproduct” , in Russia and in the countries of near and far abroad.

At the enterprise development Programme is carried out reconstruction of production facilities, advanced technologies, execute investment projects. Thanks for the plant has already achieved considerable success in increasing the output of high-octane grades of motor fuel, diesel fuel, European quality, increasing the depth of processing, reduction of the deadweight loss.

Prospective OOO “Neftehimproduct”, shareholders and the management of the enterprise associated with capital investments aimed, primarily, on new construction, reconstruction and technical re-equipment of production. All this will improve the quality of products in accordance with the requirements of Technical regulations, to address issues of efficiency, industrial and environmental safety.

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OOO “Neftehimproduct- Railway OverPass.

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OOO “Neftehimproduct” - . Control Center.

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OOO “Neftehimproduct” - Reservoir

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