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OOO “Neftehimproduct”

Work One

OOO “Neftehimproduct"

Engages in the field of Exploration of Crude oil and oil (passing) gas production; fraction extraction from oil (passing) gas,

Crude oil and natural gas (associated) (production),

Gas oil (associated) (separation and recovery of fractions),

Natural gas (liquefaction and regasification),

Drilling for oil, gas and condensate production (services),

Petroleum products (manufacture),

Industrial gases (manufacture),

Gaseous fuels (production),

Gaseous fuels (distribution),

Fuel (trade through agents).

Work One


OOO “Neftehimproduct” Reservoir are connected to directly to pipe line for destribution of oil and petroleum products in the Territory of Russia Federation.

Work One

The geographical location of all fields and license areas of Exploration

Yaraktinskoe field

License owner:OOO “Neftehimproduct”, License Number: TUMNE No. 03896NE issued 19.02.2010, The license validity period: December 2020,Location:TYUMEN REGION.

Work One
Ayan field

License owner:OOO “Neftehimproduct”, License number: YAKU No. 03068 NP, issued 13.09.2011, The license validity period: September 2020, Location: Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Suntar district

Work One
Verhnechonsky license area

License owner:OOO “Neftehimproduct”, License number: TUMNE No. 07493 HP issued 04.09.2012, The license validity period: December 2022, Location:Irkutskaya oblast, Katangsky, Ust-Kut, Nizhneilimsk and Ust-Ilimsk areas

Work One
Angara-Ilim field

License owner:OOO “Neftehimproduct”, License number: YAKU No. 09074 NP, issued 07.08.2013, The license validity period: September 2023, Location: Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Lensky and Mirny district

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